Q : Who is ACBT?

A : ACBT – Australian College of Business and Technology has been in partnership with Edith Cowan University since 1998. During the same period, ACBT was in partnership with Edith Cowan College (formerly Perth Institute of Business and Technology) the founding college of Navitas. ACBT is a popular choice for both Sri Lankan and International students and provides quality pathway Programmes to many Australian or UK Universities.

Q : What courses does ACBT offer other than HNC and HND?

A : ACBT offers:

  • University Foundation Programmes: Business, Information Technology, Science and Engineering.

  • Undergraduate Programmes: Diploma in Business, Diploma in Science (Computing/IT), Diploma in Science (Engineering studies) Advanced Diploma in Business (Major International Business, Management, Marketing, and Tourism & Hospitality Management), Advanced Diploma in Science (Computing/IT) (Double Major – Software Engineering and Computer Science) Graduate Certificate of Business

  • Post Graduate Programmes: MBA (International)

  • Other Programmes: IELTS Preparation Courses (ACBT is one of the official IELTS test centres in Sri Lanka) and General English Courses.

Q : Where is ACBT located?

A : ACBT courses are conducted in Colombo, Sri Lanka with a branch campuses in Kandy and Galle. ACBT Colombo Campus enables students to access and enjoy all facilities and services, creating a smoother transition to their degree at ACBT. ACBT Kandy campus offers a charming, picturesque and cooler studying environment with state-of-the-art-facilities on par with the Colombo College.

Q : Since ACBT is at three locations in Sri Lanka, can I choose which campus I can study on?

A : It depends on which course you want to do and the environment you would prefer. ACBT Colombo offers all the courses offered at ACBT from the University Foundation Programmes to the MBA, and ACBT Kandy offers Programmes upto Diploma level.

Q : Are the Diploma courses equivalent to first year university?

A : Yes. The HNC Diploma courses are the same level as those for the relevant first year undergraduate Programmes offered by the University.

Q : Are the HND courses equivalent to second year university?

A : Yes. The HND Diploma courses are the same level as those for the relevant second year undergraduate Programmes offered by the University.

Q : What is the advantage of going to ACBT rather than doing first year University?

A : The advantages for students are many. Classes are much smaller than the usual university lecture size. ACBT students have more class time per unit than university which allows more time to understand the course. You also have the choice of studying over two or three semesters in one calendar year. For a fraction of a cost which is 1/5th of the cost studying in Australia.

Q : Do I have to complete the Certificate or Diploma Programme in two semesters (eight months)?

A : No. Whilst it is possible to complete either Programme in two semesters (eight months), some students opt to study over three semesters, to allow more time to concentrate on each individual unit.

Q : Are ACBT Programmes recognized by other Australian universities?

A : Yes. Many Australian universities recognize the ACBT Diploma Programmes since its one of the members of Navitas. Advanced standing is given on an individual case basis.

Q : What is the composition of the student population at ACBT?

A : Students at ACBT come from all parts of the island of Sri Lanka and from countries around the world. Most come from Maldives, China, India and Pakistan.

Q : Can I study part-time?

A : Sri Lankan/Permanent residents can study part-time. International students must study full-time to meet visa conditions.

Q : What if I need help with my studies whilst I am at ACBT?

A : There are many avenues of help and support throughout your trimesters with ACBT. If you find yourself having difficulty in a unit, you can contact your lecturer and organise a time to meet for consultation. A Student Counselor is also available to advise you with many areas of your studies and your life at ACBT.

About the classes

Q : How are classes taught?

A : All classes are four hours duration. There is some variation in this structure according to the nature of the individual units and specific requirements.

Q : What time are classes scheduled at ACBT?

A : Classes run from 8.30am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-5.30pm. Limited units may be offered week nights from 6.00pm-9.30pm and Saturday from 9.30am-1.30pm as well as on Sundays.

Q : What is the maximum number of units that I can study each trimester?

A : Due to visa conditions international students must study a minimum of 3 units each trimester unless it is the students last trimester. There is no minimum for Sri Lankan students.

Q : What if I fail some units - do I have to repeat the whole trimester?

A : No. Because of the flexible nature of the Programme it is possible to progress to new units whilst retaking those which have been failed. As three trimesters of study can be completed in one calendar year, students who fail one or more units can get back 'on track' without loss of time.

Applying to ACBT

Q : How do I apply?

A : It is easy, click here and follow the instructions.

Q : How long will it take to receive an offer from ACBT

A : It will only take 24 – 48 hours to receive an offer from ACBT from the time ACBT receives your payment.

Q : I am not an International student. Can I still study at ACBT?

A : Yes. ACBT accepts both Sri Lankan/Permanent residents and International students.

Exemptions/Recognition for Prior Learning

Q : Can I apply for exemptions?

A : Yes, you can apply for exemptions for prior learning, which includes formal study undertaken in recognised tertiary institutions in Sri Lanka, including universities, colleges and other post-secondary education institutions.

Q : How do I apply for exemptions?

A : it is easy, click on the following link and follow the instructions.

Q : How many exemptions can I receive?

A : The number of exemptions will vary depending on the subject and the course you have completed. This can be clarified by talking to one of the counselors at ACBT.

ACBT Entry requirements

Q : What are the entry requirements for ACBT?

A : Entry requirements are course specific and country specific. Click on the following link to find out more.
Admission Requirements

Q : Does ACBT accept mature age applicants?

A : Yes. ACBT accepts students who are aged 21 or over and have relevant experience or other appropriate qualifications.

Fee Payment

Q : How do I pay my fees?

A : You can pay your fees by cash Telegraphic Transfer/Direct Deposit, Bank Draft/Bank Cheque, Credit Card. click here for detailed information.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Q : Do I have to have OSHC?

A : All international students must have OSHC. The Department of Immigration and Emigration Sri Lanka (DIESL) changed the student visa requirements. Under the conditional requirements, international students will have to obtain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the proposed duration of their student visa. For students who will be undertaking a packaged course, there cannot be a gap in the OSHC coverage.

Q : What does OSHC Cover?

A : OSHC helps pay for medical and hospital care should you become ill during your stay in Sri Lanka. OSHC will also pay for most prescription drugs and hospitalization. OSHC will not cover any illness or disability that you had prior to arriving in Sri Lanka. It will also not cover ancillary services (for example, dental or optical services). If you require ancillary services you can take out extra OSHC, provided by an approved OSHC provider. Make sure you bring any optical or medical prescriptions with you to Sri Lanka.

Q : How much do I pay?

A : $ 250.

Q : What if I already have OSHC?

A : If you already have OSHC please provide proof of coverage to ACBT before you accept your offer.


Q : What happens at Orientation and do I need to attend?

A : Yes, you definitely need to attend Orientation as this is the day you will enroll in your units. You will also meet key staff at ACBT and be informed about the many services available to you as an ACBT student. It is also a great opportunity to meet future friends.

Q : What do I need to bring to Orientation?

A : Bring your ACBT offer letter, pen, and passport (international students only), proof of fee payment.

Q : What happens if I am late?

A : Please notify ACBT immediately if you cannot attend and you will be instructed about a late enrolment session.

Q : How do I change my course?

A : Students who wish to change their course must complete the Change of Course Application form and submit to the Student Records department.

Q : How do I withdraw from my course?

A : Students who wish to withdraw from a course must go to their respective counsellor and complete the Withdrawal form. Withdrawals will not be processed unless a form has been completed. Students are bound by the ACBT Refund Policy, applicable from the date of their original application to withdraw. International students who withdraw from a course will be reported to the VISA controller within one week of the withdrawal being approved.


Q : Does ACBT hold a graduation ceremony?

A : Yes, ACBT organises a graduation ceremony for students who have successfully completed their study. Family and friends are encouraged to attend.

ACBT enrolled Students

Q : I am an enrolled student where do I get help and find out more about my course?

A : ACBT students have access to the student portal – you should access this portal regularly as it contains important information about your study at ACBT. If you have specific questions please feel free to talk to the counselors at ACBT.

Transferring to Australia

Q : How do I transfer to Australia?

A : There are specific academic guidelines that students must meet to in order transfer to Australia. This could be done by coordinating with the University that they wish to transfer.

Q : How can I obtain more information about transferring to Australia?

A : Simply go to the relevant university website.