ACBT Foundation Programme (Business)

The ACBT Foundation Programme is nationally recognized and registered with Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission. This pre – university level course is equivalent to Advanced Level. The ACBT Foundation course is designed to prepare students for university level study in the areas of Business.

The Programme consists of 8 modules of study and can be completed over 2 semesters. Students who complete the ACBT Foundation Programme will qualify for entry in to the ACBT Diploma / HND programme leading to BA (Hons) Business Management (Finance) or BA (Hons) International Business Administration.

Semester 1
COM210A Communication Skills
ELE100A English Language Enhancement
CPT107A Introductory Computing
MTH104A Introductory Mathematics
Semester 2
COM220A Workplace Communication - Employability
BUS120A Introductory Accounting
BUS129A Introductory Marketing
PMG100A Project Management

Entry Requirement

In order to enter into University Foundation Programme, the students should have completed G.C.E O/L or an equivalent qualification.