BA (Hons) Business Management (Finance)

Awarding Institution

Middlesex University, London

Mode of study

Full Time / Part Time

Criteria for admission to the Programme

You should have one of the following qualifications:

  • HND (or equivalent qualification) in Business, or equivalent subject, with a merit profile which has 120 credits at level 4 and 120 credits at level 5, including at least 180 credits specializing in business.
    (At least 60 credits must be passed in Finance/Accounting/Economics and at least 15 credits in each of the following business subjects: Marketing, Human Resource Management, Operations/Information Management, Business Environment/Strategy.)

Programme outcomes

On Successful completion of this Programme students will have :

A. Knowledge and understanding of:

  1. characteristics, functions and structures of organisations and their integration;
  2. theories, processes and models of HR, accounting & finance, marketing, and operations and their role in effective management of a business;
  3. global business environment and its impact on strategy, behaviour and management of organisations;
  4. tools and techniques for business decision making;
  5. the management and applications of information systems and digital technologies and their impact on organisations and business models;
  6. social responsibility, ethical behaviour, sustainability and innovation in contemporary business decisions and activities;
  7. the role and nature of finance in organisations and society.

B. Skills:

On completion of this Programme the successful student will be able to:

  1. critically evaluate theories, issues, models, arguments and evidence in the field of business and management;
  2. use technology to acquire, analyse and communicate information;
  3. critically analyse facts and circumstances to determine the cause of a problem and identify, develop and select appropriate solutions;
  4. communicate effectively through a variety of medium in a form appropriate to the intended audience;
  5. locate, extract, analyse and synthesise information from multiple sources, and generate and develop ideas;
  6. apply management concepts, models, theories and techniques in a business context;
  7. work effectively both independently and within a team;
  8. interpret business reports and evaluate performance.

Teaching/learning methods

Students gain knowledge and understanding through lectures, workshops and seminars, guided reading of textbooks, academic journals, and case studies, and on-line and in-class exercises. Students learn cognitive skills through individual and group lecture and seminar exercises and tutor led class discussions, problem solving, workshops, use of technology, as well as feedback on assessments.

Assessment methods

Students’ knowledge and understanding is assessed by in-class and on-line tests, examinations, presentations and written assignments. Students’ cognitive skills are assessed by practice based individual and group coursework assignments, oral presentations, in-class and on-line tests and examinations.

Overall structure of the Programme

  • The Programme is studied over one year full time.
  • The Programme is divided into study units called modules and each module is 30 credits. To gain a BA (Hons) degree title a student must gain 120 credit points (4 modules) at level 6 (this is in addition to the 240 credits pre-accreditation). Full time students will study modules totalling 120 credits per year.
  • The Modules are as follows:
Unit Code Unit Name Credits
FIN 3120 Business Finance 30
MGT 3170 Strategic Management 30
ACC 3155 Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation 30
MGT 3000 Applied Management 30