BSc (Hons) Information Technology & Business Information Systems

Awarding Institution

Middlesex University, London

Mode of study

Full Time / Part Time

Criteria for admission to the Programme

For entry of this top-up Programme you should have one of the following qualifications:

  • HND
  • 240 credits from a relevant undergraduate degree (including 100 credits at Level 4 and a minimum of 120 credits at Level 5)

Middlesex University has a flexible and personalised approach to admissions and we accept applications from students with a wide range of qualifications and a combination of qualifications.

Aims of the Programme

The Programme is aimed at students who are interested in studying information technology but who also wish to acquire knowledge in the application of IT in business. The Programme’s aims are underpinned by the following principles; the importance of information in all modern organisations and the strategic value of information systems within a global business context; the pivotal role of information and communication technologies in information systems, and the key role of people in designing, managing and using these systems.

The Programme aims to provide students with an understanding of the advantages of aligning information systems with different organisational and business goals, and with various strategic and operational activities. Graduates of the Programme will be equipped with the professional and employability skills that will enable them to pursue a successful future career in this field.

Teaching/learning methods

  • Supervised practical work
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving activities
  • Practical application of concepts, principles and models to specific case studies and scenarios
  • Directed reading and seminar discussions
  • Individual and group coursework assignments
  • Student presentations
  • Essays
  • Supervised Tutorials
  • Supervised Seminars
  • Directed and independent research
  • Lectures
  • Individual and Group Project work

Assessment methods

  • Individual and group work during supervised seminars, tutorials and labs
  • Essays
  • Reports
  • Presentations
  • Documentation
  • Individual and group coursework assignments
  • Lab exercises
  • Case studies
  • Peer assessment and review
  • Tests / Quizzes
  • Coursework
  • Modeling of Systems
  • Guided Research
Unit Code Compulsory Modules Credits
CST3990 UG Individual Project 30
CST3310 Strategic Information Systems (Enterprise Project) Management 30
CST3340 Business Intelligence 30
CST3180 User Experience (UX) Design 30

Progression Requirements

Students are expected to achieve 120 credit points at level 6 to complete their Programme. This will qualify students for the degree award of BSc (Hons) in Information Technology & Business Information Systems. Students who achieve 90 credit points at Level 6 will qualify for an ordinary degree.