BA (Hons) International Business Administration

Awarding Institution

Middlesex University, London

Mode of study

Full Time / Part Time

Criteria for admission to the Programme

For entry of this top-up Programme you should have one of the following qualifications:

  • HND (or equivalent qualification) in Business or equivalent subject with a merit profile with 120 credits at level 4 and 120 credits at level 5, including at least 120 credits specializing in business.
    (At least 15 credits must be passed in each of the following business subjects: Finance/Accounting/Economics, Marketing, Human Resource Management/Organisational Behaviour, Operations/Information Management/ Management, Business Environment/Strategy.)

Programme outcomes

On Successful completion of this Programme students will have :

A. Knowledge and understanding of:

  1. the role and nature of business, finance, marketing, leadership and management in organisations and society with international context;
  2. theories and empirical evidence concerning business administration, financial arrangement, marketing and cross cultural management;
  3. Stakeholders of organisations, especially in an international context: their expectations and organisational behaviour;
  4. the environment of international business and its impact on strategy;
  5. business resources: acquisition, application and control;
  6. organisations: their functions, structure and management;
  7. local and international business processes: planning, improvement and control;
  8. International business management practice.

B. Skills:

On completion of this Programme the successful student will be able to:

  1. critically analyse theories, facts , evaluate, explain and apply models, concepts and theories relevant to the operation and practice of international business;
  2. identify, evaluate and demonstrate cultural sensitivity through a global outlook and awareness and respect for diversity;
  3. defend a decision or position on a given issue, considering commercial, ethical, other factor and construct arguments;
  4. locate, categorise, prioritise, and synthesise information necessary for business purposes;
  5. interpret business reports and evaluate performance within a global context;
  6. set objectives and plan implementation; select appropriate international business solution;
  7. learn flexibly and effectively from diverse opportunities;
  8. communicate persuasively using a range of media;
  9. contribute positively to team performance;
  10. collect, analyse and critically interpret numerical data.

Teaching/learning methods

Students gain knowledge and understanding through guided reading of textbooks, academic journals and course materials; on-line and in-class exercises; social media, lectures, workshops and seminars. Students learn cognitive skills through tasks undertaken within individual and group lecture, seminar classes, laboratories and workshops. This includes team-based activities, exercises, presentations, debates and directed discussion, problem solving, as well as feedback on assessments.

Assessment methods

Students’ knowledge and understanding is assessed by in-class and on-line objective tests, examinations and written assignments and group presentations. Lectures will provide core knowledge and students will have further opportunities to develop this knowledge and understanding in seminar classes and workshops. Guest speakers will also provide knowledge of specific International Business functions and processes.

Students’ cognitive skills are assessed by practice based individual and group coursework assignments, oral presentations and written examinations and real-life company projects, video.

Overall structure of the Programme

You will study three compulsory modules designed to advance skills and knowledge appropriate to graduate level. You will choose one module from two optional modules. These modules are designed to give a solid grounding in the subject and bring all students to a standard level of competence to pursue further study in the subject or work in industry.

Unit Code Compulsory Modules Credits
MGT3123 Global Business Strategy 30
MKT3456 International and Cross-Cultural Marketing 30
ECS3366 International Finance 30
Unit Code Optional Modules Credits
MGT3009 Global Supply Chain Management 30
HRM3015 International Leadership 30